…and on to blogging day two..

  • Number of days decorating: 3
  • Rooms complete: 0 out of 10
  • Decorating related injuries: 0
  • Number of husband/ wife rows: 0 (so far)

So, with the kids safely tucked away in bed, our evening took on what has started to become a standard format: have a quick dinner, watch a little telly in order to get us in the mood, then start attacking the kitchen walls. Armed with little scrapery things, we proceeded to remove the last of the (accessible) woodchip wallpaper. We’re doing this all by hand as some of it is not stuck on so well, so peels off in huge long stripes which is immensely satisfying! Also behind all this paper is just plaster board, so steaming it off isn’t an option – according to the husband!

Wallpaper remover

Husband happy in his work!

 Once all the paper is off, it’s plastering time- that’s tonights’ entertainment. Plaster in Swedish is ‘spakel’  -although this word is not in the dictionary! So we’ve adopted this lovely word and swinglishified it and verbified it, so we shall be spakling tonight! Then it’s onto papering followed by painting – I never knew it was such a long process, and this is just a few little walls in the kitchen. But it’s not so bad, whilst scraping away we had the dulcet tones of Jo Whiley on Radio 2 in the background- gotta love internet radio! The husband and I, side by side, some times chatting and other times happy in our peaceful silence together – altogether now – ahhhh!!

The only thing now is that with the paper gone and the skirting boards and door frame removed, I keep walking into the wall! How strange that the brain must only take in minimal information about ones surroundings and thus you become totally reliant on a door frame to know where the door is- it’s obviously not enough to have a gapping big hole in the wall to walk through!

Ha det så bra

J x

Husband and wife

An evenings decorating