Hi, I’m Jacky, 34, British, married, 2 kids and living in Malmö, Sweden. The husband and I have just started decorating our totally original 1982 house. So this is my blog all about the trials and tribulations of decorating, carrying out said decorating tasks with husband, and additionally doing it in a foreign country- should be interesting trying to read the instructions on a tin of paint when both of us are pretty mediocre at the old Swedish!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the new blog but please can we have more ‘before’ photos so we can appreciate the after. Steve and I are decorating our new house too. We are also trying our hand at plastering which we didn’t try at the last house so I’ll let you know how it goes after the weekend, slightly nervous about it!! Keep up the good work especially your patience with the woodchip. Leanne x

    • Hi Leanne
      Thanks for your comment and hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Yes, great idea- will add some before photos. Keith and a friend are doing a bit of plastering this evening, so think will leave them to it and then have a go when it’s just Keith and I, so i don’t embarrass myself too much! Hope that your decorating goes well- if you have any hints and tips they’d be much appreciated! And I’ll tell you all about the woodchip removal tips that we’ve been given in my next post…….. ah, the joys!! J xx
      PS watch this for Tommy’s (from Alan Titchmarch’s gardening programme) tips on plastering! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxWfXKEFGhI

  2. Hey, thanks for liking my blog 🙂 Just don’t get used to many decorating posts since I have determined that DIY is not my thing and after the walk-in-closet it will take some time before I can afford the next room. Love your post title (Getting plastered one) though!

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