Living the (kitchen) dream

It’s here, it’s actually here… in several billion flat pack boxes in the garage, but it’s definitely here!

The new kitchen

Last Wednesday was rather exciting, with both the kitchen being delivered and the first visit from Thomas the electrician. Husband and Thomas discussed furtively in the kitchen, whilst I supervised the IKEA delivery. Apparently, Husband has thought up lots of canny ways of getting loads of power sockets into the kitchen without them being visible.

The plan is now that Thomas will be back at the end of this week, so therefore all the old kitchen, barring the kitchen sink (!), has to be pulled out by then.

'Before' all the changes

So, yesterday, with a bit of help from a friend, Husband started removing the old units.

Going, Going....

So far the changes are quite ok, and the kitchen is still functioning well, although we keep forgetting where we’ve moved things to! But as this week progresses I think that the local take-aways will start to feel the benefit!

We’ve still got a few things to purchase such as the fridge and freezer, hob, hood, lights and back-splash. So possibly a busy week or two coming up!

Talking of back-splashes, we are still not decided on what to put on the wall, maybe tiles or maybe some kind of funky wallpaper covered with glass. Today I was discussing this dilemma with a friend, and she recommended a website called Have a look, there are some really fantastic photo wallpapers to choose from, and we’re thinking that this could be just the solution to jazz up the kitchen a bit!

Anyone else got any bright ideas or tips for the back-splash?



PS Look what we found in the cupboard just before it was removed….

Someone hiding in the cupboard


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