Hallelujah, we’ve gone and done it!

On Wednesday 22 February we did it….we went to IKEA and ordered our new kitchen! There has been two years of talking about it and in the more recent months there has been increased discussion and debating, and even a visit to a local kitchen shop. Then with the deadline of the end of the IKEA kitchen sale looming, Husband booked two Wednesdays off work in succession. The first Wednesday was spent looking around IKEA, getting inspiration and making a rough plan. Then the second Wednesday was K-day!

Although I am immensely overjoyed that the new kitchen is ordered and cannot wait for it to be fitted. I am also a little sad that our two Wednesdays are over. Both days have started with a trip to the IKEA canteen and the 2 for 1 breakfast. For 9Sek (approx 85p UK) you get coffee, 2 bread roles, butter, cheese, ham and cucumber, we have been incredibly decadent and added apple juice and eggs too! So then fueled up, we then hit the kitchen section with intent! Both times we’ve been looked after really well. (And actually Husband made a third trip on his own last weekend on Sunday evening for a little extra research and again was met with fantastic customer service.) So, bye bye IKEA Wednesdays – you shall be missed!

Last Wednesday, Pia, from the kitchen section was assigned to us, she spent all morning helping us make the final decisions, ie what sort of sink to buy, dish draining options, draws v. cupboards, oven/ microwave combinations, even going into details like how high up we should put the cabinets on the wall, and then the final one – size of the kitchen work surface. Standard work surfaces are 62cm ish wide, but we had the bright idea of going really wide and set our hearts on a 90cm wide work surface. So several hours later, poor Pia had been barraged with questions and was looking mighty pleased that we were almost at the end and one step away from pushing the order button, when just at the last moment we noticed that the extra wide work surface was going to cost four times more than the standard size. Progress stopped………discussion started up again…….all three of us looked weary, so very kindly Pia stopped the order and sent Husband and I back to the canteen for refueling and a private discussion. Twenty minutes later, sugar levels back up to full whack and Husband was back round to Pia and changed the order to the standard size work surface, it’s a compromise, but think of all the beautiful tiles and fabulous lights we’ll be able to buy with all that extra cash!

The final and very happy surprise is that, it will all be delivered next Wednesday, as in this week coming!! And that’s when the fun will really start as Husband is going to build and install it all himself – with me as nimble assistant!!

Ta ra for now



4 thoughts on “Hallelujah, we’ve gone and done it!

  1. Oh the joys and headaches of being under construction. I had a kitchen done about 18 months ago. Suddenly, when it’s all finished, you almost don’t know what to do with yourself. For so long, every waking breath and thought has been taken by said mess, delivery, installation and cleanup.

    Happy Wednesday with Ikea!

  2. Hi Jacky,

    Very interetsing to hear about your exoeriencing in renovating the kitchen. We have just finished painting ours and painting the dining room, plastering the little entrance. These home fixing jobs are tricky, they require always more than you plan to do, but at the end, when all is back in function again, they are very rewarding . Don t you think ?
    Like the idea of using a weekday to explore options at Ikea for thee next project.

    Good luck for the next chapter… Paola

    • Hi Paola
      Thanks for your comment. Hope that you are pleased with your new paint job in the kitchen and dining room. Totally agree that it’s not until you start that you realise how much just painting a wall really includes- skirting boards, window frames, doors- list is endless it seems! Anyway, it wouldn’t be called ‘Home improvement’ if it wasn’t just that….so yes, lots work, but hopefully lots improvement too.
      New kitchen should be arriving this morning- v. exciting.
      Hope to catch up soon
      Jacky x

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