Painting the town red…, just the house white.

  • Number of days decorating: 11
  • Rooms complete: nearly 1
  • Decorating related injuries: still none
  • Number of husband/ wife rows: A few minor disagreements over kitchen layout but still nothing major to report – bit boring eh!
  • Number of 10 litre pots of spackel (plaster) used: Still just the 2

So, judging by the stats it looks like not much work has been going on round here recently, but actually the decorating has been moved to the tvättstuga (Swedish for utility room). Why? Because next week, yes next week, we will order our new kitchen.  The plan, therefore, is to get the tvättstuga looking good and then that can be used as a temporary kitchen whilst the proper kitchen is being pulled out and a new one put in.

Bye bye lilac!

Husband has been working hard, 3 coats of white paint have been carefully and lovingly painted onto the tvättstuga walls. It was lilac. Yep, that terrible 90’s lilac that I blame Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and Anna Ryder Richardson, of Changing Rooms fame, totally and utterly for. Noone had lilac walls till Laurence and Anna came along and convinced what seems like most of the world that this was a good idea. Again, like woodchip wallpaper, lilac is NOT a good idea. So, now, thanks to Husband, the walls are a soft white, which match the washing machine, boiler and cupboards – cohesion is the way forward.


I, in the meantime, have been scraping away at the woodchip wallpaper. So, now the bit of the hall as you walk in through the front door is nearly done. Leaving the walls looking rather messy and tired. So, next job will be to spackel all the walls and then paint them white, so at least when you first walk in the house it gives a modern, clean and fresh impression. Note to all guests: the hall will be as far as you will be allowed to come in until the rest of the house is done!

Last week, we had a visit from one of Husband’s work colleagues. He, like us, has an 80s house, and has had to drag it in the 21st Century. Having spent 5 months doing this, he had some fantastic short cut tips for us, such as plaster boarding the entire house so that we don’t have to spend the rest of our lives scrapping off woodchip wallpaper!! I love it and we will be heading to the closest DIY store to buy a load for the lounge.

Last Wednesday we had a great day, with the morning spent at IKEA, speaking to a very nice lady in the kitchen department who has helped us plan our new kitchen. Now we have the planned layout online, all we have to do is review and tweak it a little. Then next week is D-day or rather K-day! We cannot think or talk about much else at the moment, every 5 minutes one us comes up with a comment either about an improvement we can make or just about how brilliant it’s going to be to have a kitchen that we have chosen ourselves. I guess you have to be a certain age or just at a certain period in your life to really appreciate how cool it is to choose exactly how you want your kitchen to look and function. A modern, shiny, white kitchen…bliss!


Jacky x


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