Sanding, Scraping and Wizards

  • Number of days decorating: 6
  • (New more realistic stat) Number of walls nearly complete: 2
  • Decorating related injuries: still non but plenty of aches
  • Number of husband/ wife rows: 1 (yep, was to do with kitchen layout!)
  • Number of 10 liter pots of spackel (plaster) used: 2 

With Husband tucked away in the kitchen, happily sanding the walls that we plastered last week, I decided to start removing the woodchip wallpaper in the hallway. I picked a wall between the door to the utility room and the door to the bathroom, about a meter wide and two and half meters high, thinking that it would only take me an hour or so to get it done, but the going was slow. I read a blog a week ago, which mentioned some magic spray that someone had used to help remove wall paper – if anyone knows the name of the spray, please, please tell me!!

 Sanding the plaster

It took a little over two hours to remove all the paper and in that time there wasn’t much to do but loose myself in my thoughts. I started thinking about what a lovely day I’d had, first with my 1 year old daughter at the local församlingshus (Swedish for parish hall) where we met up with lots of other parents and little ones for singing, playing and fika (a wonderful Swedish tradition – where you take a break, have a cup of tea or coffee, a little snack to go with it and put the world to right – fika can be done at any time of the day and can be a verb or noun!).

Later on in the afternoon, daughter and I went to collect son (3 years old) from dagis (Swedish nursery). Before heading home we swung by the local cafe and partook, for the second time that day, in a little fika. So, fuelled up on muffins and latte (for me that is) we headed home, with son on his bike and daughter in pram. Son was a little tired and also rather cold- not surprising really as it was -8c.

Son claimed that his bike kept having power cuts; hence, it was going a little slow and kept stopping. The next time he stopped, I heard ‘Stop it wizard!’ Realising that he felt there was some greater being in charge of his bike, I decided to step in. Claiming to have magic powers, I cast a spell on his bike and proclaimed it now released from the wizard’s powers, at which point son then sped off down the road at top speed! Once we managed to catch up with him, the rest of the journey was spent with both of us psychodelicly yabbering away about battling monsters, wizards, ghosts and knights. We decided that we were attempting to fight our way to the enchanted castle (otherwise known as our house) and even engaged the help of daughter, sat in her chariot, who obliged us with some hand gestures and sound effects!  In my attempt to show that violence is not always the only means of scarring off monsters, wizards etc, I then tried to convince son that singing certain nursery rhymes can actually be a more effective way of banishing and triumphing over evil. He quite likes this method and is almost convinced that its true, as when tested on the local cat – it did actually run away rather fast when faced with a bonkers 3 year old charging at it singing Ba Ba Black Sheep!

At one point on our journey home, I got a little carried away and start to quote Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan from their TV Series The Trip. There is a scene in the program where they discuss how in period dramas, the hero usually proclaims, ‘Gentlemen to bed, for we leave at daybreak…’ ( Whilst doing my impression, I glanced at son, who was chuckling away to himself, immensely enjoying all this silliness and ridiculousness!

So, thank you son, for releasing my imagination – it was well and truly unlocked and unleashed for a good 20 minutes! Too much sugar, too much caffeine, too much woodchip wallpaper.

By the way, the hall is now started and the kitchen walls look great.

Jacky x



6 thoughts on “Sanding, Scraping and Wizards

    • Hi there, yep it’s a pain, and we have the entire house to do- but now that I have seen the walls in the kitchen, which have now been plastered and sanded, we are now even more determined to remove all this wallpaper. So, first we will put some paper on the walls and then paint them white. Eventually we’ll do all the door frames, skirting boards, window frames and doors – all white! We live in Sweden and people like neutral, fresh and clean here, but we’ll spice it up with some nice pictures and find a way to splash in some colour here and there!
      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Hope all your renovations are going well. x

  1. I’m glad I swung by from Bloggy Moms. I’m hoping to get some serious work done on our house this year too so will check your blog out often I hope! We had mega-issues with the drywalling in our bedroom which leads me to suspect none of it is done correctly. I’m sure I’ll be plastering and spackling with you at some point 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for swinging by, am following your blog too. Our decorating is going rather slow- too many distractions, so this could actually turn into a project for life! Good lick with all your decorating, look forward to reading about it and I will try to get a new post up soon. x

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