Ready, steady spackel..

  • Number of days decorating: 5Spackel
  • Rooms complete: 0 out of 10
  • Decorating related injuries: No injuries but achy arms
  • Number of husband/ wife rows: 0 (you must be impressed by now)
  • (New stat) Number of 10 litre pots of spackel (plaster) used: 2

Now, I’ve seen Grand Designs – my claim to fame is that I stood next to Kevin McCloud on the train station platform in Newcastle upon Tyne – and I’ve seen the scenes where the person featured is literally sweating blood and tears, working day and night to complete their renovation project – but I have to say, I thought it was all slightly exaggerated for the cameras… apparently not!

Spackeling the spatula

Preparing for battle of the wall.

So, last night there we were all togged up in our decorating glad-rags and a kitchen to go to, and the spackeling (Swedish for plastering – see previous post) masterclass began. First, Husband produced a new toy – a mega light, so bright it blinded the neighbours. With said light all set up, the spackel was produced along with tools. I was first taught how to load the spatula, then how to put it on to the wall – straight forward one might think, eh – well one would be wrong. There are several variables to consider that can all make a right blooming mess. Firstly, the amount of spackel on the spatula, then getting it evenly spread out, then the angle at which one holds the spatula to the wall then changes the angle as one drags the spatula across the wall, then it’s on to bubble, lumps, bumps and unwanted lines removal, and so by the time I had considered and carried out all of this I actually ended up removing more plaster than I actually put on! 


I'm spackeling!

It took an hour or so to complete one wall, and my right arm and wrist are killing  – please someone tell me that there is an easier way to plaster?? Anyway, Husband is very happy as he now gets to go shopping again, this time for a sanding machine and an industrial sized hoover to clean up with.

I think I actually did quite a good job, the wall is not totally smooth, but that’s what the sander is for! The compliment of the day by Husband: ‘The wall looks pretty good in the dark!’

Jacky x



6 thoughts on “Ready, steady spackel..

    • Hi, well, it was my first attempt at plastering, so I found it quite difficult to get the wall smooth, but I’m sure with practice- we also have to eventually do the entire house- then I’m sure it will get easier. (fingers crossed!)
      I’ll let you know once we’ve sanded the wall how it looks- as that may make a quite a difference.

  1. Love the blog — can’t wait to see it! Having just been through the renovation (although not DIY!), I know how complicated it all is, including all the decisions!

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