Getting plastered

  • Number of days decorating: 4
  • Rooms complete: 0 out of 10
  • Decorating related injuries: 0
  • Number of husband/ wife rows: 0 (so far)
  • (New stat) Number of 10 litre pots of plaster used: 1

I know…. I just couldn’t resist this title!!

So, one 10lt pot of plaster down, two new pots purchased. Husband and friend, Matts D, have been working very hard. They spent all Wednesday evening going over the fiddly wall, with the windows and back door, doing the second layer of plastering and then started on the large wall to the left of the kitchen door. And, I have to say they have done a superb job. Although the walls are now grey, what a major improvement even that is!! Woodchip wall paper – just who ever thought that was a good idea??!!!  

Wall with woodchip wallpaper

Wall still covered in woodchip wallpaperFirst coating of plaster on.

First coating on plaster on the large wall.

First coating on plaster on.

And just what have I contributed to this heroic plastering effort, I hear you all asking – well, I am slightly ashamed to say, that my contribution has been in form of teas and cakes! But, you know, I had to let the menfolk put their stamp on it first, claim their manly right to plaster and fix and stuff, and now that they seem content, I assure you this weekend, I will dirty my hands and learn me some plasterin’! How hard can be anyway…..?!?!

Current classic 80s wood kitchen in desperate need of a bit of white!

Current classic 80s wood kitchen in desperate need of a bit of white!

I have to say, seeing the walls looking vastly improved has really got me excited about ripping out the old kitchen and getting a fresh new modern white one in. And, tomorrow I am going to drag Husband out and into a couple of kitchen shops  – and here I’m sure, will start the rows – I can just imagine it now –  a tiny innocent tile, just sitting on a shelf minding it’s own business, becoming the source of a major family feud over colour, texture, cost, grout colour and all manner of excellent topics to clash about…I will keep you posted!

Trevlig Helg

J xx


4 thoughts on “Getting plastered

  1. Hi Jacky!
    After having checked out the first results and having seen some kitchen ideas, we are confident that your project will be a great success! Though, what was wrong with the woodchip wall paper…???? We are DIYing to see the next photos!

  2. WOW I would love to work on your home, swap you. The husband and I are converting a huge elementary school into our home. Helpers include a swarm of 7 children, 3 dogs, 5 chicken, 1 duck and did I mention I am starting an Alpaca farm at the same time. Yep we are completely off our rocker, welcome to blogger world and DIY universe 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, you win! How on earth are you managing to do everything… and keep up the blog!! I look forward to reading more of your blogs and hearing about the alpaca farm- that really does take the biscuit! Good luck with it all.

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