The very first day…

  • Number of days decorating: 2
  • Rooms complete: 0 out of 10
  • Decorating related injuries: 0
  • Number of husband/ wife rows: 0 (so far)

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog.

My husband and I have just started decorating our house. So, a bit of background: the house was built in 1982, it’s the middle house in a row of 3, it’s 2 floors and 170m square. Oh, and we are Brits living in Malmö, Sweden. So the interior of the house is all original from 1982, including woodchip wall paper, covering every single wall. Yep, that’s a lot of woodchip!

We’ve been here for two years already and have used our 2 young children as an excuse for not starting with this mammoth task. But now we’re finally getting into gear and this year, bearing in mind it’s only Jan, we’re definitely doing the kitchen.

We started a few days ago, with scraping off all the paper in the room; it’s kind of fun actually, getting all that aggression out, and then at the end actually having something to see for all our hard work. oh and did I mention that I’ve never ever absolutely never decorated before, husband has done a little and is kinda handy, but we’re both still in novice stage, so everything we’re doing so far is experimental!

So, I’ll keep learning how to blog and decorate and keep you up to date on the status of our kitchen, the woodchip and the dust and you comment to your hearts content!

Hej då

J xx


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